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Rectifier Tube TA-274B

Commitment to ultimate made-in-Japan quality, refusal to compromise

Takatsuki Electric released the TA-300B in 2010 after the absence of new domestically produced audio vacuum tubes for 35 years. The TA-274B rectifier tube is our second made-in-Japan audio vacuum tube we developed by maximizing our technologies and knowhow accumulated in the creation of the 300B.
The TA-274B delivers the ultimate vacuum tube quality that only Takatsuki Electric, the one and only vacuum tube manufacturer in Japan, can offer.

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Type Twin diode tube
Product name TA-274B
Configuration Directly heated twin diode tube
Filament voltage/current 5V/2A AC
Maximum plate voltage (RMS) 660 V/plate
Maximum DC output current 225mA
Maximum transient current 2.5 A 20 msec or less
Peak plate current 700 mA/plate

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Product Lineup

  • Audio Vacuum Tubes
  • TA-300B
  • TA-274B
  • TA-274A(BTO model)
  • Amplifier
  • TA-S01