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TA-274A (Build-to-order model)

High Reliability, High Precision 4-Pin UX-Base Rectifier Twin Diode Tube

The TA-274A is based on the TA-274B rectifier tube introduced in May 2012, and features a new 4-pin UX base. This product is completely build to order. We began accepting orders for the TA-274A on September 3.

The 4-pin UX base was newly fabricated to enable the use of the product in amplifiers equipped with the UX socket. The TA-274A rectifier twin diode tube will please users of Western Electric vintage amplifiers and others.

As the one and only audio vacuum tube manufacturer in Japan, we make no compromise in the parts, craftsmanship, vacuuming process and quality control to ensure the same high quality and precision as found in our TA-300B output amplifier tube and TA-274B rectifier tube.

The TA-274A is completely build to order. We will deliver the product in two weeks to a month after order is placed.

build-to-order model

Now available
Distributor: Please contact our company.

Delivery period: 2 weeks to 1 month after order is placed


Type Twin diode tube
Product name TA-274A
Configuration Directly heated twin diode tube
Filament voltage/current 5V/2A AC
Maximum plate voltage(RMS) 660 V/plate
Maximum DC output current 225mA
Maximum transient current 2.5 A 20 msec or less
Peak plate current 700 mA/plate

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