Product Information (Original Products)

Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier



Model number TA-S01

External dimensions

(W)439mm×(D)301mm×(H)240mm(excluding projections)


Input RCA pin jack stereo, 2 systems
(Direct input×1, AC coupling input×1)
Impedance(output/input) 4, 8, 16Ω/ 100kΩ
Amplifier type 3-stage amplification, single amplifier
Vacuum tube used 12AU7×4 , TA-300B×2
Power supply Department:TA-274B×1
Output transformer TAMURA F-2007A×2

Product features

  • Takatsuki original vacuum tube TA-300B It use rectifying tube TA-274B
  • Suitable for the High-Resolution era, Amplifier of the broadband(10Hz~50kHz)
  • New function to adjust amplifier characteristics
  • It supports 4Ω,8Ω,16Ω as impedance of the speakers
  • A pilot lamp flashes on and off until a power supply stands up and can confirm a state
Function Effect
1 Harmonic content

Adjust the depth of the tone quality

2 Coupling/Bypass capacitor Select tone quality
3 Bypass Power capacitor Adjust the sound of the bass

Product Lineup

  • Audio Vacuum Tubes
  • TA-300B
  • TA-274B
  • TA-274A(BTO model)
  • Amplifier
  • TA-S01